Even an experienced real estate broker consults a real estate attorney to ensure that the deeds are transferred properly and there are no problems with the titles. They offer protection against last-minute hitches, during the closure. Below are some scenarios that need help from real estate lawyers.

Seller did not disclose

When you are a buyer, it is necessary to be familiar with everything before the agreement is signed. It is legally mandatory for the seller to disclose application information associated with home when it is listed on the market.

Information like necessary repairs and flood issues or a serious crime occurrence or the building codes are not adhered to, has to be disclosed. If the seller failed to disclose such crucial information and you found out, then seek help from a professional real estate lawyer.

Realtor problems

Realtors make money selling homes and can jeopardize your interest in satisfying their interests. If you feel that your realtor is at fault, then seek legal help. Such conditions occur when you work with a realtor that represents both parties.

Contract disputes

Contract disputes arise after both parties signed an agreement but before the whole transaction gets completed. Both parties have to adhere to the terms and conditions as agreed and mentioned in the contract.

If either party breaches the contract terms, then there is a dispute. It cannot be resolved through normal channels, so it is time you hire a property lawyer.

Joint tenancy problems

When you purchase a joint tenancy property then problems can arise. One party change their thoughts about the agreement terms or decide not to sell. It is time to involve a real estate attorney to resolve this problem.

Complicated conditions

If there are unique conditions in the property sale, then a real estate attorney is needed. For example, you are selling a portion of your property.

A lawyer ensures that –

  • Proper split meets the local zoning code.
  • Titles get adjusted accurately.
  • Environmental problems are considered.
  • Access to resources including parking, walkways, and driveways are covered within the contract.

You are an out-of-town property investor

It is challenging to buy property when you already reside in the city. How can it be simple to purchase a property when you live out-of-town?

A real estate advocate protects you from conditions, which you may not be aware of. There are many things you will need to be familiar with as an investor. Is the space zoned correctly or is it legal to rent the property or develop it? If you are interested in properties around Miami, then Santiago J. Padilla is an experienced real estate attorney who can help.

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