The good news is that when it comes time to replace the roof on your industrial building, there are several alternatives to select from. Additionally, you’ll need to select from a variety of material selections as well as application techniques. Many variables determine the type of roofing that is most appropriate for you. The following are the many varieties of industrial roofing, as well as the advantages of each type.

Metal Roofing

As a result of its 40-to-60-year lifespan, durable metal roofing is a particularly popular choice for commercial roofing applications. It is possible to choose from different metal roofing systems, some of which are equipped with integrated solar panels or snow removal systems. Metal commercial roofing materials often used include corrugated galvanised steel, tile sheets made of aluminium, zinc, tin, copper, aluminium, and stainless steel or coated steel.

Metal roofing may have an appealing, completed appearance, high fire resistance ratings, and be more durable and long-lasting than many other roofing materials and alternatives. The negative aspect of metal is that it is subject to rust. To address this issue, current metal roofs feature protective surface layers applied to prevent damage from exposure, moisture, pollution, or other environmental variables.

Green Roof

A green roof may live anywhere between 30 and 50 years. They are made from a robust waterproof membrane covered in green plants. These environmentally friendly masterpieces increase air quality and frequently include a green place for employees to unwind and take a break.

Aspects that benefit from this type of Perth industrial roofing include protection from the weather, potential utility and government subsidies, and increased aesthetics. They are frequently equipped with sophisticated water and drainage management, climate control, and sensor capability. The downside of green roofs is that they require continual upkeep and observation.

Thermoset EPDM Membrane Roofs

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane applied in rolls and is extremely durable. EPDM roofing, also known as Thermoset roofing, is a type of rubber roofing that provides excellent resistance to sunlight and pollutants. It’s long-lasting, adaptable, and simple to put together.

EPDM is available in both white and black rolls. In addition to being resistant to the sun and pollution, this single-ply rubber is also resistant to a wide range of common solvents such as alcohol and acids. The downside is that EDPM is not always the “prettiest” choice available on the market, and it is susceptible to puncture from people walking on the roof or falling debris.

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