If you are buying your first house, sit tight because you are about to face many challenges. 

The moment you decide that you need to buy a new apartment, anxiety creeps into your head and stay there rent-free until all the real estate paperwork has been taken care of and you have finally moved into your new apartment.

To help you ease your worries and find the home of your dreams, we have gathered some of the essential tips to follow while inspecting an apartment for purchase.

Things To Inspect

Every apartment is different based on its size, location, view, interior design, etc. 

However, few things are imperative to examine while looking for an apartment. Therefore, we suggest checking the following things whenever you inspect an apartment.


First and foremost, check the wall for cracks, holes, or signs of water leakage. Then, look closely near the windows and vents. This is the place where you will find cracks mostly.

Moreover, if you find small holes on the wall from nailed pictures, furniture, or clocks, say in your dining area or sitting room, let the house owner know.


Lighting plays a significant role in brightening up your house, and exposure to natural light is good for your sleep. First, make sure that all the lights are functioning and there aren’t any electrical issues. You don’t want to live in an apartment that is prone to experiencing short circuits. 

Next, look closely at the back of the lights for signs of burns. After that, make sure that all the electric boards are new and working correctly. There shouldn’t be any loose wires or fluctuation in voltage.

Windows and doors

Next, you need to inspect windows and doors. To check windows, run your hands all over the window frame and try to feel any cracks, leaks, or fixes. Most of the time, people tend to hide damages with temporary fixes that can be easily detected.

Next, look closely at the doors and try to see through the cracks, if any. Ensure that there is no light coming in from the cracks. This will highlight poor insulation.

Open and close doors and windows a few times to ensure they aren’t getting stuck in the frames, making sounds, or working improperly. 

Lastly, make sure all the windows and doors lock correctly and thoroughly as 34% of burglars enter from the front door and 23% break into from the window. 

You don’t want to live in an apartment that doesn’t make you feel safe. Try to pull and push them open to see how reliable the locks are.

Final Thoughts

In 2020, 31% of US citizens bought their first house. This number is expected to increase, and many sellers are taking advantage of these inexperienced buyers. 

Therefore, an apartment inspection can be a lifesaver. We hope that this guide will show you where to look and what to look for. Buying an apartment is a big decision, and no one should make it without taking time to inspect the place.

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