With the heating of the real estate market and the historical low of interest, it is possible to observe an excellent opportunity to sell your property, and fast! However, it is necessary to follow some steps when advertising the property to take advantage of this opportunity with excellence.

In this post, you can check out all the tips provided by northwest indiana properties to sell your property faster and get the best return on your investment. Check out!

1 – A detailed description helps you sell your property faster

Even with the property photos done impeccably, many features of the spaces must be described in the ad. In addition to clearing the doubts of buyers, it is possible to identify details that are not visible in the photos, such as:

  • Operation of the concierge;
  • Condominium infrastructure;
  • Number of floors in the building;
  • Number of apartments per floor;
  • Vacancy type;
  • Property orientation;
  • Proximity to the subway;
  • At what time the incidence of sunlight is most present in the property.

Describing the property’s differentials through text, the ad also becomes accessible to people with visual impairments and can be found more easily.

2 – Use The Internet To Advertise Your Property

A survey that was carried out by Google pointed out that searches for real estate on the internet increased 34% in October 2020, compared to the previous year. In addition, interest in buying rose to more than 70%, surpassing January, the month with the highest demand for real estate.

3 – Get Legal Help To Ensure Documentation

Imagine that you have already completed all the steps and made all the negotiation agreements with the buyer of your property. Still, when you formalize the documentation, you discover that the property is irregular. If that happens, the whole process can go down the drain.

Therefore, knowing all the steps, risks, and documentation necessary to sell your property is essential. In this way, counting on the benefits of legal advice can guarantee even more assertiveness during the transaction, avoiding problems.

A team of lawyers at northwest indiana properties carries out legal advice to offer clients all the guidance and security they need at this time. Acting in practically all the negotiation, from the moments before the proposal and until the property registration, this role is essential for the process to have the desired efficiency and transparency.

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