HOA management companies are like real estate agents; you never know when you’ll need one. But unlike real estate agents, property managers don’t wear name tags, so it can be difficult to find them when you do need them. The best way to find who manages your flagstaff hoa management is to call the homeowners association and ask who manages the property directly or search online using the HOA name or street address of your home as the search term.

Search for their website

HOA website should list the manager and some contact information. If you can’t find a contact for your HOA, then you may need to reach out to your city council. The city council is in charge of determining who manages the associations that are registered with them. For example, if your home is in an unincorporated area and not within any city limits, then you would need to contact the county clerk’s office for more information about managing your association.

Try looking at their board members

As part of your due diligence when you are thinking about buying a property in an HOA, it is also important to find out who manages the board of directors. The board members typically meet once a month and will either vote on or approve any changes to be made to the community.

Members of the board come up for re-election every two years, but they can remain on the board if they are not challenged by another member. Members typically serve two-year terms before they need to run again.

Ask other homeowners in the community

Many homeowners don’t realize they live in an HOA until they receive a community newsletter, complaint letter, or notice to attend a meeting. Here are a few ways to determine whether your house is part of an HOA: 

– If you are concerned about the issue, ask other residents around you if they have similar concerns or have recently received letters and notices. 

– You can also check for management company names on homeowner association signs located on either side of driveways.


In conclusion,  if you want to find out who manages your Flagstaff HOA, simply follow the procedures set forth in this blog post. You will then know who is responsible for making decisions on behalf of your homeowner’s association. Thank you for reading this article and good luck with everything!

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