However, another alternative for buying the property with 33 realty is financing, which allows, with the addition of interest, the payment of a portion of the real property in monthly payments, making this important transaction possible for many people.

A strategy that can help you in this choice is to simulate your financing; on the internet, there are several simulators offered by banks that already contain all their conditions related to the points mentioned above.

Financing Process

For the financing process to start, it is necessary to provide some documents. First, you must provide the manager of the chosen bank with your – and also that of your spouse, if you are married – original CPF and RG and their copies, proof of marital status, and proof of income, such as your pay stub, bank statement or tax return.

If you are self-employed, it is possible to prove your income in other ways, such as the declaration of the union of your category, a contract for the provision of services, another document that can prove your income is the Declaration of Proof of Receipt of Income (Decore) that can be issued with the help of an accountant. It is interesting to talk to the bank manager; he will tell you exactly what documents will be needed to carry out the process.

Verification Process

Another analysis made is the verification of your score, a score calculated using statistical models, which assesses your level of default based on situations you have already been involved in, such as timely payments, obtaining and repaying loans, and even if your name has already been included in credit protection agencies.

After delivery and consultation of all this documentation, the bank carries out an appraisal of the property, verifying that the documentation is all in order and, with the help of an appraiser, if the value above corresponds to the actual value of the property.

After all your documentation has been verified and approved, the bank will issue a contract that will need to be signed by you and the seller. This signature must be notarized.

After that, the credit is released, the seller at 33 realty receives your payment, and you start paying the agreed installments during the stipulated period. From that moment on, the property is already linked to your name, allowing you to make use of it, not being possible only to negotiate it with other people until the end of your payment.

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